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Losing Weight Sustainably: New Habit 2--What to Eat


Losing Weight Sustainably: New Habit One--Tracking


Losing Weight Sustainably

There are plenty of ways that work to help you lose weight. The problem is not losing weight, it is keeping it off once you become less adipose laden.

Medifast, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers—all of the diet plans work on the downside. I twice lost more than 40 pounds using Medifast and Nutrisystem. I guess you can say that with Medifast, I lost more than 80 pounds! The crushing disappointment for me came after “transition,” as they call it in Medifast, which I “failed” both times, gradually seeing my scale results edge up until I was right back where I had started, more or less. You can imagine how I felt about myself, and the hundreds of dollars I wasted.
So why do I imagine that this time will be different? I’m still on the down escalator. 1.I’m not paying $200–$300 a month to consume unnatural products. 2.I’m eating real food. When I get to a target bf%/BMI/weight, I’ll eat more. 3.I’m not doing this through exercise. I’ve started exercising more, rowing and doing weights a couple times …